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Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club

650 Shorty Barnes Road, Crossville, Tennessee

Recreational Shooting at its BEST! Since 1987.....
One of the finest facilities in the Southeast

Trap/Skeet Hours:

Clubhouse is manned Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Afternoons Keep an eye on the Red print in the middle of the home page this is the report area that will have any closed Club house information because of Weather or lack of Volunteer Staff 

If you renewed or joined  on line you will have to go to the Club house when it is open to get your button and membership card

Club house hours are  Sat and Sun 12 noon to Closing TBD these hours are year round

Club house open hours for Thursday are 10AM-2:30 these hours are year round

The Pistol ranges are open for Members only seven days a week 8AM -8PM except Sundays 9AM-8PM We have target stands on the range, bring your own targets. When done shooting take your used targets and whatever else you bought home with you or the to the dumpster located on the trap fields by trap house #3 . Please help keep our club clean for everyones enjoyment 


A brief explanation of the Wednesday Pistol Group 

November 18 Calendar

See a quick Safety Video

This group meets Each Wednesday at 9:30AM to set up for 10AM Shoot  [summer hours] Beginning April 1,  and at 12:30 set up  1PM shoot [Winter Hours.]

One week we may shoot PPC [Police Pistol Competition] where we fire on paper Silhouette targets from 5,7,15, and twenty-five yards.

On alternate weeks we shoot a modified form of IDPA shooting at a combination of metal and cardboard targets. The scenarios are varied and challenge the shooter to hit the targets from various positions and distances.

Monthly we add a bit of spice to our exercises by using our carry guns to practice close-quarters-drills. We also periodically add a shotgun while going thru our weekly shoots.
You will find all our pistol group members to be friendly and helpful to new shooters. Our weekly shoots are a lot of fun. Come out and join us.

Since Competitive shooting isn't for everyone, we also invite Club Members to just come out on Practice days and shoot -- Just for Fun!!

Pistol Group

Ladies pistol monthly group run by Penny Lokey Click to sign up for Woman's Pistol League


Pistols & Potluck

Click to go to Pistol and Potluck page to sign up for monthly events

Pistols and Potluck is a Group for Singles and Couples: This group is very popular for men or women that are new to shooting pistols. We have a woman instructor that teaches how to stand, hold a gun, load and aim. We use 22 's to start because it seems to be easier on our ladies, easier to rack and less kick. You can shoot higher caliber on the top range where we have thicker steel. After instructions we go down to the range each shooter has a safety or range officer with further education on a one to one basis. Learning safety is a main goal for all. We have metal targets and splat targets. After shooting we all retire back to the Club house to enjoy a feast of Potluck dishes that everyone brings to the event. Ending a fun day with great food, and fellowship. Many new friends to be found. We hope to see you there. We have two events a month one on Tue and another on Saturday. Dates are on the calendar. To join our group which is for members only. There is a fee of $2.50 per person, that cover supplies and targets, a portion of it will be given back to FFGSC, as a group we will decide what project or repairs we will spend our funds on at the Club . There is a lot of needs and we can help . 

Please call Marjorie Philippe 847-712-2213 to be put on the group list